Outcome Welcomes Robert Ranney as Senior Data Scientist

Outcome Welcomes Robert Ranney as Senior Data Scientist

January 27, 2022

By Marty Herrick

The Outcome team is excited to welcome Robert Ranney – who joins us as Outcome’s Senior Data Scientist. Robert will be working to improve our understanding of education’s impact on student outcomes and further develop the tools and capabilities of Outcome’s growing ISA platform.

“I am extremely excited to be working with Outcome to improve the education finance landscape for future students. As someone with a wandering career path, I know the importance of education in opening doors for opportunities that change lives. Outcome’s work will bring these opportunities to the communities that need them the most.”

Robert joins Outcome from Pinnacol Assurance, a workers compensation insurance provider, where he developed machine learning solutions to evaluate policy risk and claim outcomes. His work at Pinnacol improved pricing for customers and improved coverage for individuals Pinnacol insured.

Robert earned bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science from Regis University and Chemistry/Biochemistry from the University of Colorado and honed his computer science skills in the data science realm by attending the Galvanize data science immersive program. Before working in insurance, Robert put his chemistry degrees to use in the chemical manufacturing industry.

Robert works out of Denver, Colorado. When not at work, Robert enjoys the outdoors through trail running, rock climbing, skiing, or tinkering with raspberry pis.