About Outcome

Who We Are

Outcome represents a new investment model for amplifying human potential through education. Our focus is on outcome based financing agreements, also known as Income Share Agreements (ISAs).
Outcome is the first full-stack platform for ISAs.

We build, finance, and operate programs, providing our education partners with everything they need to launch an ISA program. We support the creation of high-quality, sustainable ISA programs that genuinely and substantially improve upon students’ existing financing options.

What We Value

Outcome is more than just an education financing platform. At Outcome, we believe in the power of innovative financing solutions to improve social outcomes.

Outcome-based financing solutions have:

  • The power to de-risk the decision to pursue higher learning and acquire new skills.
  • The potential to serve as a private market solution for monitoring and measuring the outcomes of education providers.

Increasing transparency and mitigating the risks associated with higher education benefits everyone, but the greatest benefits accrue to those who are most negatively impacted by the status quo.

We take a long-term approach to this market, with a focus on bringing together the right investment capital and education providers to carefully create program structures that will achieve the best outcomes for all parties.

Our Services

The first step toward creating a new Outcome Agreement program is program design. Program design involves structuring, prototyping, and modeling an outcome-based financing program that reflects the mission and values of the education provider. At Outcome, we view this component as being critical to the long-term growth and sustainability of this market.

Outcome delivers a white label solution to education providers which facilitates a clear and efficient application process for students, enriched with comparison tools and background materials to ensure they are well equipped to determine whether an outcome-based financing solution is right for them.

Outcome partners with best-in-class servicers. Our goal is to ensure a seamless process for student recipients throughout the entirety of their engagement with the program. We see servicing as far more than calculating and collecting payments. Outcome’s approach to servicing is meant to pick up with students where our education partners leave off, providing a rich set of support services that help students thrive.

Superior program design not only benefits students and education providers, it also attracts new sources of investment capital. Outcome works with our partners to devise an effective capital structure for their program, and then matches it with appropriate capital sources. This includes capital deployed from the Outcome Fund, as well as from third-party investors.