Posted by | June 25, 2021
Outcome May 12 Event Highlights

We've compiled a highlight reel of our May 12th event, "Income Share Agreements: Can a New Education Finance Vehicle Promote Racial and Social Equity?", co-hosted with the Impact Capital Forum....

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Student Taking Notes
Posted by | August 5, 2020
Looking Beyond Income Share

Income share agreements tie payments to students' income. However, it's important that students understand the many factors that make ISAs affordable and safe for borrowers.

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Racial Equity Education
Posted by | July 12, 2020
Using ISAs to Build Racial Equity in Higher Education

ISAs can eliminate need-based defaults and provide low-risk financing to eliminate barriers to racially inclusive higher education access.

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Masked Student on Train
Posted by | July 2, 2020
COVID-19 Demands a New Approach to Education Finance

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted deep vulnerabilites in our economy. As the cost of education rises, ISAs align student success with educator priorities, limiting risks to students in a rapidly...

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